Welcome to AIT

Serving Northern and Southern California and Nevada since 1976, AIT ’s outstanding record of success is based upon years of professional performance.

We offer specialized door systems and cabinetry with skilled technical and architectural installations for commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

Our solid reputation for experience, quality and reliability can be attributed to these guiding principles:

  • Provide top quality, professional installations
  • Offer expertise from the design phase through the job site for every project
  • Complete all work on time and within budget, using time management and job efficiency skills
  • Adhere to ethical business practices at every stage, from the bid process to successful execution and completion of every job contract
  • Create lasting relationships with top suppliers, project managers and developers to ensure mutually beneficial results from our services through the years
  • Maintain a highly skilled work force, with a wealth of capabilities to ensure smooth completion of every installation challenge:  expert custom fabrication to satisfy strict technical and architectural specifications
  • Uphold our reputation as industry leaders and top professionals, with a record of success, year after year
At AIT, we stand behind our work.  Dependability and longevity are our trademarks…and customer satisfaction is #1.